Friday, 12 May 2017

Convert your website into Android application using android studio

Converting your website to Hybrid android application using Android Studio

I am using android studio IDE to achieve the same. Get it from the below link:

To do this, in the first place the website should be responsive to android devices.

I followed the below tutorial to convert the website to android apk

1) Follow the tutorial to convert your site: (Thanks to the site!!)

   Basically the main changes required are from the below files:
   a. activity_main.xml
   c. AndroidManifest.xml

2) Once the changes are done, run the application in the studio.
     You should get Build Success!!

3) To generate an apk file and install it in your real device:
     Go to Build-> Select Build APK

     Once you get an option to open the build apk in the explorer, you can use the same in android devices!! And        I believe one need not learn android to create an apk for building Hybrid application..Cool ha :D !!

Now to change the default launcher ic_launcher icon of the android app:

* You can do this too almost easily: Head to
    Build your icons and download the zip package. (Note: Dont start your logo name with Caps!!!)

    Extract the zip package to the following path: 
     app\src\main\   into the 'res' folder.

Then in the AndroidManifest.xml file, change the  android:icon="@mipmap/my_icon" to match your icon name. 

Clean and build the app . Your new apk with custom icon is ready.